Friday, March 19, 2010

MythTV for Dummies

What is MythTV?

If you are reading this you probably know, but if you don't . ... well it is a kind of a TivO and a home-media center combined in one. Think of it as a replacement for your PVR box, except with the right hardware, you can watch your recordings or live TV from any TV (or computer) in the house. All the channel changing and recording of programs is done by one computer, and you can watch everything (recordings and live tv) from any computer in your house.

Whereas there are a lot of very good guides out there for installing MythTV, there seems to be no bulletproof guide out there. This is most likely because everyone has a different setup, and MythTV attempts to support all the hardware out there.

Well, then why MythTV for dummies? I will attempt in this article, when it is to dispell a lot of misinformation, and provide guidance on how I installed it on a server (in my case a linux Server running ubuntu 9.10). With this I can watch TV or recording from any of your PCs or MACs in the house, or from any TV connected to a "Myth FrontEnd".

Stay tuned.

Note: Due to a business trip to Germany, I won't be able to write this up until I get back, some time in mid-may. Sorry about that.

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