Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Predictions about Microsoft, Apple, Google

We all believe we know what is going to happen in the technology industry.

However, I have been particularly successful in predicting many things in the past and this is known only to my friends and family, so i thought it would be worth it to put them here, in case we find out later that what I was right about and what I wasn't.

OK, so here is my list of predictions.

1. I think Microsoft is secretly re-writing its OS. From scratch. If it isn't then it should be. Everyone is moving towards more stable O/S es. Nobody wants to be sold software that miraculously slows down over time. Just like M/S is re-writing its Mobile O/S (so that it is no longer based on Windows 95), I think it is re-writing Windows. It has to be if it wants to compete with Google and Apple.

2. If it hasn't done so in 5 years, the only customers MS will have are businesses. For personal use, everyone will have moved to another O/S. For Gaming, well nobody uses computers anymore.

3. In 5 years Microsoft main income will be from selling Office products. Not from selling Windows.

4. Google and Microsoft try in a big way to enter the entertainment industry. They will fail.

5. Apple will compete directly with major content providers (like your cable company) for your TV shows. I had said this last year, and it is already starting.

6. Blue Ray will never take off, neither will HD DVD.